Our Partners

Joint responses to transnational crime by and with African nations requires establishing and building cooperative relationships with key players throughout the African continent as well as sharing information, experience, skills, technology, and strategies.

Given the cross-border nature of these crimes, no single country can address the challenge of global crime alone. Rather, it is essential that law enforcement institutions and stakeholders in the public and private sector cooperate internationally.

It is in this context that the AGA African Alliance Partnership seeks to contribute to the reduction, prevention and elimination of transnational crime.

The Africa Alliance Partnership is the means by which these relationships can be developed (outreach), capacity can be built (training) and significant and impactful exchanges can take place (Seminars).

East Africa Law Society
Uganda Law Society
African Bar association
African Prosecutors Association
Nigerian Bar Association
The National Black Prosecutors Association
Rwanda Bar Association
SADC Lawyers Association
Anti Corruption Commission (Zambia)
Cross River State Government (Nigeria)
The Doj & cd (South Africa)
Financial Intelligence Control (Zambia)
Government of Malawi
Food And Drugs Authority (Ghana)
Initiative for Socio-Cultural Fairness & Equality
National Prosecution Authority (Zambia)
Drug Enforcement Commission (Zambia)
Ogun State Judiciary
Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs (Uganda)
Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General (Rwanda)
Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General (Zambia)
Pharmacy and Poisons Board (Kenya)
National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (Nigeria)
National Prosecuting Authority (South Africa)
South Africa Human Rights Commision
Department of National Parks And Wildlife
Office of the Attorney General & Department of Justice (Kenya)
Wildlife Investigators Training Alliance
Institute For Security Studies
Strathmore University (Kenya)
Lagos Business School (Nigeria)
Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Justice College