How you can support AGA-AAP:

You can partner with AGA-AAP in the following ways:

Financial Support

  • This is a great way for organisations and Individuals to quickly and easily get involved in our mission.
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In-Kind Donation

  • By making an in-kind donation, you’ll help us to do more. Venue Hire, Workshop / Conference beverages, Team travel expense, Team accommodation, Participant giveaways.
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Event Sponsor

  • Showcase your commitment to the fight against transnational crimes choose the theme for workshops, symposiums and conferences your organisation would like to partner with us on
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  • Enter into an Memorandum of Understanding to sponsor a yearly conference / Workshops in one of the 8 countries we are currently working in.
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AGA AAP Ambassador

  • Become an Ambassador for AGA in its fight against human trafficking by agreeing to partner with AGA
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Join the fight against Transnational crimes